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by Richard Barrow

Home Snacks Fried Pastry Filled with Chicken (ma-dta-ba gai) มะตะบะ ไก่
Fried Pastry Filled with Chicken
ma-dta-ba gai
มะตะบะ ไก่

Where I live there is a mosque nearby and we get a few Muslim dishes around here. My dinner tonight was an old favourite, mataba gai with chicken. This is a fried pastry which this shop fills with chicken, beef or banana.



#2 hani 2013-02-23 13:05
you can find this in indonesia too..its call martabak telor..they come with beef or chicken and can choose duck egg or chicken egg..its so delicious too
#1 dmarina 2012-02-21 12:32
where can you find this???? i want to try it!

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