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by Richard Barrow

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Thai people love to eat dessert.  Traditional Thai desserts are quite sweet, made predominately from various combinations of rice, coconut milk, and sugar, along with a few seemingly less common dessert ingredients, such as sweet corn or kidney beans.  Some egg based Thai desserts trace their history back to the influence of Portuguese missionaries (who also introduced the chili!)  While these desserts are not prominently featured on menus in Thai restaurants and infrequently ordered at the conclusion of a meal, they are occasionally served complimentarily or can be found sold at street stalls that specialize in particular desserts. Fruit is also a common Thai dessert and is usually served plain and sliced, though Mango with sticky rice, covered in sweet coconut milk is a popular dessert when Mangos are in season /TAT

1 Black Beans and Tapioca Balls (tua dum saku biak) ถั่วดำสาคูเปียก 4266
2 Breadfruit in Syrup (Sakay Chuem) สาเกเชื่อม 2978
3 Candied Cassava (mansampalangcheuam( มันสำปะหลังเชื่อม 3406
4 Chilled Sweet Vermicelli in Coconut Milk (Sarim) ซ่าหริ่ม 3403
5 Glossy Coconut Dessert (mapraow kaew) มะพร้าวแก้ว 4409
6 Ice Cream with Coconut Flesh (ai-dtim ga-ti ) ไอติมกะทิ 7220
7 Jelly with Coconut Cream Topping (Wun Kati) วุ้นกะทิ 3560
8 Mung Beans in Sugar Syrup (tua-kieow tom nam-taan) ถั่วเขียวต้มน้ำตาล 3097
9 Pumpkin in Coconut Milk (faktong gaeng buat) ฟักทองแกงบวด 3131
10 Rice Flour Balls with Sweet Egg (Bua Loi Kai Wan) บัวลอยไข่หวาน 3710
11 Rice Flour Strings in Coconut Cream (pla gim kai tao) ปลากิมไข่เต่า 4070
12 Roti (roti) โรตี 5292
13 Sticky Rice Dessert (khao niewmoon na tang tang) ข้าวเหนียวมูนหน้าต่างๆ 3265
14 Sticky Rice with Ripe Mango (kao nieow ma-muang) ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง 5238
15 Sticky Rice with Sangkaya Custard (Khao Niew Na Sangkaya) ข้าวเหนียวหน้าสังขยา 3621
16 Taro and Mung Bean Pudding (peuak guan - tua guan) เผือกกวน - ถั่วกวน 3026
17 Thai Custard with Pumpkin (fakthong sangkaya) ฟักทองสังขยา 5381
18 Thai Shortbread Cookies (Khanom Kleeb Lamduan) ขนมกลีบลำดวน 3589
19 Thai Steamed Cupcake (Khanom Pui Fai) ขนมปุยฝ้าย 3745
20 Toddy Palm Cupcakes (Khanom Tan) ขนมตาล 3648
21 Unripe Mango with Fish Sauce (mamuang namplawan) มะม่วงน้ำปลาหวาน 5177
22 Water Chestnut with Syrup and Coconut Milk (Taptim Grob) ทับทิมกรอบ 3423

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