Not So Mobile Food Vendors

There are different kinds of mobile food vendors. Some are on foot with baskets swung over their shoulders, while other push carts and either sell along the way or go to a specific destination like a food market. The vendors on this page all have push carts, but they are not so mobile. They keep their cart at the location all the time, even when not selling.

This is a typical cart that sells Noodle Soup. In the glass cabinet you will be able to see things like fishballs, red pork, wontons etc. On the lower are the various kinds of noodles. Behind those bowls on the left is the big pot for the soup. You can just see the lid. This is heated up by gas which you can also see. Unlike other noodle vendors, this cart stays here all the time as they pay rent to 7-Eleven. If they were on the footpath, they would need to push this home each night.

This cart is similar to the noodle one but it says Chicken on Rice (Khao Man Gai). The glass cabinet this time has the boiled chicken. Sometimes there is also deep fried chicken. These are prepared in advance. In fact, they often just buy from the local market. The pot on the left is chicken stock. You get a bowl of this with your chicken on rice. Again, this one stays here all the time as they pay rent to the shop.