Ba Mee Tom Yum Took Yang

The noodles that I like most is Ba-Mee Tom Yum. This is egg noodles in a spicy soup. I like to alternate this with Ba-Mee Giow Nam. This is wontons with egg noodles.  But, whenever I am really hungry, I go for this dish. It is basically both of these combined and a lot more. At this shop they say “Took Yang” which means with everything. Other shops might say “Ruam Mit”. The noodles are buried in this bowl, but you can see crispy pork, red pork, wontons (with pork) and crab. At the top you can see the red chili paste, sometimes chili jam. I keep a bottle of this in my fridge. It is actually quite tasty on toast. But, that is another story.

Thai Name: บะหมี่ต้มยำทุกอย่าง
Transliteration: Ba-Mee Tom Yum Took Yang
English Name: Spicy Noodle Soup with Everything

บะหมี่ (Ba-Mee,Egg) noodles
ต้มยำ (Tom Yum) Hot and sour soup
ทุกอย่าง (Took Yang) Everything


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